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Today On US Elections News: Donald Trump Remains Highly Covered Candidate

Today On US Elections News: Donald Trump Remains Highly Covered Candidate
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Today On US Elections News: Donald Trump Remains Highly Covered Candidate

Donald Trump Pulls Ahead

After winning Tuesday’s Nevada Caucus, presidential wannabe Donald Trump outclassed its rivals for the Republican nomination showdown as he records straight wins in three states. Trump outperformed his other contender for the nomination in caucuses in the States of New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina where he emerged as the winner.

Trump’s Nevada Victory Means a lot

For academicians at Oxford’s Rothermere American Institute, the recent victories that the billionaire has amassed lately, especially in Nevada, can be a huge thing for getting the Republican nomination, or perhaps, winning the presidential race eventually. In a report published by the Independent, RAI’s senior research fellow Prof. Nigel Bowles said it appears that Trump emerges as the top favorite for winning the nomination. This, despite the Trump’s recent pronouncements, which draw the ire of the international community.

Trump Widens Support Base

Despite his lack of experience holding a public office, Trump appears to be the leading candidate who’s likely to get the Republican nomination. In the recently concluded caucus in the State of Nevada, the country saw things changing rapidly favoring Trump.

From being known as a possible presidential candidate popular among white voters, Trump has broadened its support based even extending to Latino communities and educated voters, the BBC reported. This is despite the anti-immigrant statements that Trump issued earlier that irked minorities in the US, including Hispanics.

Trump Questions Rubio’s Legibility

Trump, who appears to be the leading favorite who’s seeking the Republican nomination, has questioned the legibility of his leading rival, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, to run as president in this year’s presidential election.

Trump issued such statement after he threw the same question to other presidential aspirants, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. Rubio was born to Cuban parents in Florda, while Cruz was born in Canada but to American parents.

Trump’s Journey to Secure Nomination

The Financial Times reported that Trump needs at least 1,237 delegates to win the nomination by the Republicans. After his Nevada victory, Trump has won a total of 81 delegates by far.

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