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Today In Health News: Rare Blood Infection, ‘Mat Herpes’ & More

Today In Health News: Rare Blood Infection, ‘Mat Herpes’ & More
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Today In Health News: Rare Blood Infection, ‘Mat Herpes’ & More

Rare blood infection downs 44 in Wisconsin

Local health officials in the State of Wisconsin are currently investigating a reported outbreak of a rare blood disease, Elizabethkingia.

The CNN reported that at least 44 people in Wisconsin were rushed to the hospital after showing signs of the infection. The report added that as early as November last year, the Wisconsin health bureau has already reported cases of infections linked to the bacteria. A total of 18 individuals have so far died, the report said.

Bacteria Infections Remains a Problem in America’s Hospitals

Despite the significant advancement in the field of medicine in the United States over the past decades, several hospitals in the US still fighting a battle to totally eradicate infections bacteria related cases. The NBC News reported that a third of hospitals in the US scored low on Consumer Reports. Surprisingly, teaching hospitals such as John Hopkins University and even Harvard Medical School, among others, were included in the list.

Florida Approved 2nd Medical Marijuana Bill

After three years, the Florida House has inked the second medical marijuana bill, also known as HB 307 sponsored by Rep. Matt Gaetz. The bill aims to expand the provision on the Right to Try of the 2014 Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act. The bill, if passed into law, would also allow the use of nonsmokeable marijuana to patients in near to death state, the Nola reported.

High School Wrestler Wants Tournament Championships Postponed

High school wrestler Blake Flovin, who’s about to fight in this year’s state championship for wrestling in Northern California, claimed that he got infected with “mat herpes”, a type of viral infection, in his last tournament in the Central Coast Section championships in January. But the tournament organizers said the show must go on, a report from a local news agency noted.

New Cases Link Zika to Neurological Dysfunction

Two newly reported cases of Zika virus in the Caribbean island show a possible relationship between Zika virus and its effect on neurological dysfunction. This, after the two patients reported symptoms indicative of cause Guillain-Barre syndrome, a neurologic condition with features of paralysis that usually follow after exposure to infections.

WWE’s Bret Hart Defeats Prostate Cancer

After undergoing surgery, WWE’s ‘the Hitman’, emerged victorious over cancer, the BBC reported. Bret has been fighting against the most common type of cancer among men for several years now.

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