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Tiziana Cantone Death: Ex-Boyfriend Should Be Blamed For Model’s Suicide

Tiziana Cantone Death: Ex-Boyfriend Should Be Blamed For Model’s Suicide
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Tiziana Cantone Death: Ex-Boyfriend Should Be Blamed For Model’s Suicide

The whole of Italy is stunned upon the tragic death of 31-year old model Tiziana Cantone. She was subjected to online abuse and harassment after explicit images and a video of here went viral in 2015.

Cantone was found dead Tuesday after she hung herself in an apparent act of suicide. Before taking her life, she endured months of depression and bullying and even tried to take her life two times before.

According to Heavy, it all started when Tiziana Cantone sent a sex tape of her with another man to her ex-boyfriend after they broke up. In an act of revenge, he uploaded the video online unaware of the inevitable consequences.

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An Italian newspaper also reported that she may have also sent videos to five of her friends whom she trusted. The video showed her performing a sex act on a man. She can be heard saying “Are you making a video? Bravo,” something which Youtubers wasted no time in making parodies of.

Tiziana Cantone And The Aftermath Of The Video

The effects of the video also took a toll in her profession. The Independent revealed that she had to quit her job, move house, and even change her name after the explicit video went viral.

According to her mother, she had been depressed for months and was on the brink of suicide prior to her death. She turned to alcohol to escape the pain and unsuccessfully tried to take her own life twice.

She finally succeeded in her third attempt while staying at her mother’s home. Maria Teresa, 58, told the court her child was not able to untangle herself from the events.

While she may have had a hand at the spread of the fateful video, ultimately her ex-boyfriend should have known the consequences of releasing such explicit material to the public. Sadly, Tiziana Cantone is only the tip of the iceberg, as so called revenge porn is still quite rampant destroying lives of its victims.

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