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Tiziana Cantone Suicide: Who Leaked Her Sex Tape

Tiziana Cantone Suicide: Who Leaked Her Sex Tape
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Tiziana Cantone Suicide: Who Leaked Her Sex Tape

Who could have leaked the sex video that caused the Tiziana Cantone suicide report?

On Thursday, the online world was shaken when it was reported that the 31-year-old Italian beauty has allegedly decided to end her life. Accordingly, the kind of humiliation she got following the leakage of the sex tape was already too much that she was forced to kill herself.

With what happened, many might have been wondering now about the person who could be responsible in spreading the intimate material.

Based on reports, the sex tape of Tiziana Cantone, which was allegedly the ultimate reason for her suicide, was leaked more than a year ago over various social media platforms.

Who could have shared it first?

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According to Telegraph UK, she was the first to share it with some people, but only within her circle.

It was revealed that Tiziana Cantone, who was said to have committed suicide in her aunt’s home near Naples, allegedly provided her friends a copy of the clip. Her ex-boyfriend also got one as she reportedly wanted to make him jealous.

While she could have had so much trust on these people, she never expected that it would reach the different parts of the world via the web.

As her sex tape went viral, she was “mocked and abused” with her name mentioned.

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As of now, there have been four men who are being investigated for defamation, especially that their comments might have been an “incitement to suicide” for Tiziana Cantone.

Meanwhile, Mirror UK reported that her line in the video, “Are you making a video? Bravo,” has been the subject of numerous parodies and social media mockery through memes.

Considering the situation, she went through a legal battle to change her name just to avoid being recognized. Her request was granted.

“We have appealed to right to be forgotten law,” Tiziana Cantone’s lawyer before her suicide, Roberta Manzillo, dished.

“Facebook was immediately ordered to remove the content from its social network platform and to remove every post or publication containing images (photos and / or video) that refer specifically to the person,” Manzillo added.

Do you think it could be Tiziana Cantone’s friends (or boyfriend) who actually pushed her to commit suicide?

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