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Tiziana Cantone Sex Tape: Mother Speaks Up On Daughter’s Condition Before Suicide

Tiziana Cantone Sex Tape: Mother Speaks Up On Daughter’s Condition Before Suicide
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Tiziana Cantone Sex Tape: Mother Speaks Up On Daughter’s Condition Before Suicide

There is more to Tiziana Cantone’s sex tape than others can imagine; it is a story of how society’s harsh judgement can decide the future of a person.

The Italian bombshell reportedly decided to end her life last Sept. 12, more than a year after a video showing her having sex with a man went viral online.

She had allegedly been suffering from severe depression for months since the said sex tape surfaced on cyberspace.

Her mother, Maria Teresa, claimed she had turned to alcohol after the video became public property.

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The sex tape, she said, was supposedly posted on YouTube by Tiziana Cantone’s ex-boyfriend who wanted to get back at her.

“She was hurting and at times took refuge in alcohol. But she was always a healthy and normal girl,” Teresa told investigators, the mother told La Reppublica in an interview.

The Instagram model’s mom shared that her daughter struggled emotionally, as she tried to cope with the backlash that came after the video was released.

Maria Teresa reportedly said that her daughter had already tried to commit suicide twice before she hung herself to death.

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“She was suffering from everything she saw and heard and in particular from the outcome of the legal proceedings because she believed justice had not been done,” Tiziana Cantone’s mother said, stressing that the controversial sex tape had had a very profound impact on her daughter.

In fact, the Italian beauty allegedly decided to change her name in the hope of leading a quiet life after the incident, the Daily Mail reported.

She was granted a new name by the courts, a development that was expected to put an end to her tortuous ordeal and remove her from the public’s watchful eye.

However, she continued to be ridiculed despite her attempts to remain incognito.

According to author Roberto Saviano, Italy allegedly has a “morbid” relationship with sex, which could have precipitated the 31-year-old’s demise.

“I grieve for Tiziana, who killed herself because she was a woman in a country where uninhibited and playful sex is still the worst of sins,” Saviano said on Twitter, as he tried to rationalize the death of Tiziana Cantone which stemmed from the infamous sex tape.

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