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Titanfall Beta Now Open For All Xbox One Owners

Titanfall Beta Now Open For All Xbox One Owners


Titanfall Beta Now Open For All Xbox One Owners

There is great news for all Xbox one users if they wish to play Titanfall beta. It was closed after being launched on Friday much to the disappointment of the users. However, the Developer Respawn Entertainment and Microsoft have opened this game for all Xbox one users according to the news last night. Even more good news is there for PC users since the developer is promising the beta version of the game will also be open for PC soon.

As Microsoft’s Larry “Major Nelson”, Hryb revealed that the beta version of the Titanfall should now be available under the section of “New Game Demos” that can be easily downloaded from the Xbox One game store. The downloading will not require the code for the beta version. However, the PC version of the game requires an Origin code at the moment. However, Cofounder of Respawn, Zampella tweeted yesterday that beta version for the PC users might be opened tomorrow.

Before the release of the game on March 11, Titanfall server infrastructure has been put through a toughest possible test that has been brought about by the expansion of the previously limited beta version. Zampella further tweeted yesterday that their servers are not that strong to support beta with a great deal of ease. However, it will be worth experimenting at this stage. Later, he tweeted after having discussions with the Coder, Jon Shiring that they have decided to open the game for all Xbox One users so that they can have a maximum crack at it.

Even with the expansion in servers, Zampella is quite confident about the capabilities of the servers that it might cause delays in worst case scenarios only that is not a big deal. This experience has been quoted from the Friday evening when plenty of users were not allowed to login into the site due to huge traffic there for quite some hours. Zampella was ashamed of the unavailability of the servers for many hours. He decided to make up for it by extending the days for which the beta version is open at least one day that was due to end on Wednesday. This provision is quite soothing for Xbox One users who were crying badly when the beta version of the game wasn’t opened free for users. They are jumping with joy now.

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