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Tinder Olympics: Find Out Which Olympians Are On Tinder

Tinder Olympics: Find Out Which Olympians Are On Tinder
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Tinder Olympics: Find Out Which Olympians Are On Tinder

They may busy trying to get as many medals as possible, but that doesn’t mean they have no time to focus on dating as well.

Where there are Olympic athletes, Tinder is not far behind. In fact, a number of this year’s Rio Olympics athletes make it a point to keep their accounts updated.

From Team USA, there’s 21-year-old diver Kassidy Cook, 20-year-old swim team member Simone Manuel, 31-year-old swimmer Ryan Lochte, 33-year-old Olympic gold 400m runner Dee Dee Trotter, 26-year-old world silver 100m runner Mookie Salaam, and U.S. Ski team’s Patrick Kenney and Jared Goldberg. These athletes are not just registered on the app; they are definitely active users of it.

According to a recent report from the Daily Mail Online, the number of athletes has definitely spiked since they started staying in the 2.5 million square meter Olympic Village in Rio de Janeiro. The number of active users went up by a stunning 64 percent. Meanwhile, the number of Tinder “swipes” went up by 69 percent.

If two people both swipe at each other, Tinder says, “It’s a match!”

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Meanwhile, the amount of “superlike” activity has gone up by 73 percent. That’s the feature that allows you to choose the best-looking person of the day. Tinder technicians have said that the volume of activity continues to soar daily.

Tinder Olympics 2016 linked to having enjoyable sex?

Is it possible that more athletes are active on Tinder during the Olympics because they are feeling a bit hornier? According to a report on Quartz, a study by Harvard University found that physical activity, such as swimming, is directly linked to having enjoyable sex. Nonetheless, it is unclear if athletes are allowed to engage in sexual activity prior to their competition.

At the same, perhaps the reason athletes are on Tinder during the Olympics is simply due to boredom. As one unnamed source put it, “A lot of the athletes looked bored and it’s no surprise they are turning to their phones to spice things up a bit.”

To find out which of your favorite Olympic athletes are on Tinder, just visit this Tinder Athletes Instagram page.

The sitting on the shoulder of Olympians Tinder profile of popular US Diver Kassidy Cook as spotted at the Rio Olympic village. Additional and more comprehensive Rio content at the link in bio and tag in pic.

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