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Tinder Goes Social: Discloses All Your Friends Who Use Tinder – Report

Tinder Goes Social: Discloses All Your Friends Who Use Tinder – Report
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Tinder Goes Social: Discloses All Your Friends Who Use Tinder – Report

Who knew that the pressure of setting up a social network, that has formed the very origin story of apps like Facebook and Twitter, will get to everyone’s beloved dating platform, Tinder? The new “social” feature introduced by Tinder can help one reconnect with their friends and set up group meetings. Unfortunately, it also seems to disclose the profiles of all your Facebook friends who are using the app, regardless of whether they want that information out there or not!

According to The Verge, the idea behind launching this “social” feature was to “chat with your group matches or see their status to find out what they’re up to and where everyone’s headed.” This was stated by a blog post which explains how the feature works. The method of connecting with groups remains similar to the way people connected with potential dates, swiping and matching with the groups that they want to arrange a meeting with. While that might be simple enough, it also sounds just a little creepy that instead of a single entity finding out your location, an entire fleet of your friends (some of them might not be close buddies of yours) knowing where you are.

However, Tinder seems to have gone one step too far in designing the concept of the “social” feature. TechCrunch reports that Tinder is attacked by privacy concerns from its users who are not that thrilled about their dating profile being out in there for any of their Facebook friends to view. And instead of having the power to choose whom to reveal info about your dating life, Tinder Social gives you the opportunity to choose the people you do not want the info revealed to!

But you need not worry about all that just yet because the “social” feature has not yet been activated for Tinder users all over the world yet. It is still being experimented on a small group of users in Australia. So, here is hoping that the dating app addresses this glitch in its new feature before going live worldwide.

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