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Times Square Rings In The New Year!

Sparkling Times Square Franck Michel CC BY 2.0


Times Square Rings In The New Year!

It’s the New Year!

The Times Square saw more than a million people celebrating the joyous occasion, as the clock counted down to midnight, on Saturday night.

The Waterford crystal ball, the headline of the event, constituted of 2,688 crystals and weighed around 12,000 pounds. The design of the crystals reflected the “gift of kindness” theme. Over a ton worth of confetti was dropped during the event.

Times Square New Year’s celebrations: “Get there as early as people.”

On their website, the Times Square Alliance advised people to “get there as early as possible.”

“We cannot predict how quickly the viewing areas will fill up. Prime viewing areas may fill up early in the afternoon,” the website noted.

Among those in the audience at the festivities included Lori Haan. She was on her first trip to New York. “This is a great start to the new year,” she said. “We are doing something new and exciting, and I hope that it’s a theme for the rest of the year.”

Times Square New Year’s celebrations: Rachel Platten, Jonathan Bennett, Mariah Carey among others to witness festivities.

Maria Raimilla, from New Jersey, said she hopes to start afresh in the New Year. “Everything is going to be new. I just want to find happiness this year and leave all the bad things behind,” she said.

As reported by New York Daily News, the celebrations featured several notable personalities. Rachel Platten, Anderson Cooper, Jojo Abot, Jenny McCarthy, Silentó, Jonathan Bennett, Gloria Estefan and Mariah Carey were present to be part of the glamorous festivities.

More than a million people came down to witness the celebrations. Charlotte Observer noted the security constituted of about 7,000 police officers, specially armed counterterrorism units and bomb-sniffing dogs.

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