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TIME Magazine Identifies ‘Top 10 Selfie Cities in the World’

TIME Magazine Identifies ‘Top 10 Selfie Cities in the World’


TIME Magazine Identifies ‘Top 10 Selfie Cities in the World’

It is time for another round of ‘selfie.’ Days after TV host Ellen DeGeneres made online history by coming up with the most retweeted selfie of all time, some researchers made a more in-depth look at this phenomenon. They tried to answer basic questions about the popularity of selfie in the world.

That is why TIME Magazine logically released the results of what it claimed as an in-depth study of Instagram photos coming from around the globe. Instagram is the popular photo-sharing site of social networking Website Facebook.

The study tried to identify the ‘Selfie Capital of the World,’ which obviously is the city where there are most number of Instagam users who posted their selfie pictures.

Selfies in the Philippines

Interestingly, the combined score of Makati City and Pasig City in Metro Manila, Philippines garnered the highest number of people who are taking selfies based on a per capita measure. That made the Manila the ‘Selfie Capital of the World.’ It was estimated that in Makati City and Pasig City combined, there are 258 selfie takers pwer 100,000 people.

Interestingly, another city in the Philippines made it to the top 10 list. In Cebu City, it is estimated that there are 99 selfie takers for every 100,000 people. So what could this say about the millions of Filipinos who regularly log online (via PC or mobile devices) and post pictures of their selves? They must be people who love taking selfies and posting those photos for the world to see.

World’s top 10 selfie cities

What other cities from all around the world made it to the cut? At the No. 2 position, following the combined Makati and Pasig Cities in the Philippines is Manhattan in New York, USA, where there are 202 selfie takers for every 100,000 people.

On the third spot is Miami, Florida, where there are 155 selfie takers for every 100,000 people. Anageim and Santa Ana, California have combined 147 selfie takers, while Petaling Jaya in Malaysia is at No. 5, where there are 141 selfie takers per hundred thousand people.

Completing the list are Tel Aviv in Israel (139 selfie takers), Manchester in England (114 selfie takers), and Milan in Italy (108 selfie takers). At the last spot or at No. 10 is George Town in Malaysia, where there are 96 selfie takers per 100,000 citizens.

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