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Tim Kaine Net Worth, Bio, Parents And Facts To Know

Tim Kaine Net Worth, Bio, Parents And Facts To Know
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Tim Kaine Net Worth, Bio, Parents And Facts To Know

Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, who served as the elected mayor and subsequently the lieutenant governor and governor of Richmond, is the vice presidential nominee of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Kaine has the most experience in the government among all candidates Clinton had considered for the position of her running mate.

Tim Kaine Net Worth: Reported Income

As reported by the Motley Fool financial website, while Kaine has not filled out the FEC disclosure, he did release his 2015 tax return. First elected to office in 1994 (serving a member of the city council in Richmond), he became the elected mayor of Richmond in 1998. He subsequently became the Lieutenant Governor of Richmond in 2001 and the governor in 2006.

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In 2012, Kaine became Virginia’s junior senator.

As reported by NPR, Kaine has served as chairman of the Democratic National Committee following the election of President Barack Obama – who Kaine endorsed in 2007.

New York Times reports Kaine, who filed jointly with his wife, Anne Holton, has reported an income of $313,441 for 2015 – with under $2,000 coming from investment income. His pension and retirements accounts were recorded in 2014 as $1.45 million, according to

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Tim Kaine Net Worth: Former Richmond governor labelled ‘corrupt Kaine’ by Donald Trump.

As NPR notes, while Kaine’s career has been free from scandals, he was labelled “corrupt Kaine” by presidential nominee Donald Trump for accepting gifts worth $160,000 during the time he served as Richmond’s lieutenant governor and governor.

Most of these gifts – two thirds of them – were used for work-related travel. Of these was a campaign related travel in 2008, when Kaine was campaigning for Obama, which cost $45,000.

Kaine grew up in Kansas City and worked in the ironworking shop of his father, who, as Kaine said, taught him many life lessons.

“My dad was a great business guy, and he always taught us that his business acumen would put his workers’ kids through school, and their great artistry…would put my brothers and me through school,” he said, as reported by C-SPAN. “So it was a really wonderful place to learn about hard work and not cutting corners, and excellence.”

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