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Thunder’s Shocking Game 2 Win Over Spurs

Thunder’s Shocking Game 2 Win Over Spurs
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Thunder’s Shocking Game 2 Win Over Spurs

It was an insane Game 2 ending between the San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunders on Monday night as the Spurs lost their home-court advantage, letting the Thunders get away with a 98-97 victory.

According to Fox Sports, Gregg Popovich was heard saying, “Something certainly happened on the sideline I thought.”

He was clearly referring to the offensive foul Dion Waiters did not get when he elbowed Manu Ginobili during the final seconds of the game. With 13.5 seconds left, Thunder guard Waiters forced an inbound pass to Kevin Durant around midcourt to protect OKC’s one-point lead in the game. In doing so, he cleared out the Argentinian veteran over the boundary line, as reported by NBC Sports.

The leaping inbound pass turned out to be a futile effort as Thunder forward Durant lost the ball, being fouled by Danny Green – something which was also not called by any of the referees. The Spurs’ Patty Mills eventually snagged the ball, but he missed a corner-three shot. In the mad rebound scramble, a few calls should also have been made, but the most obvious injustice during these final seconds was when San Antonio LaMarcus Aldridge was hacked by OKC Serge Ibaka.

All-Star forward Aldridge, who had 13 points in the final quarter, contributed 41 points in the game.

The controversial Thunder win has set tongues wagging in basketball circles, as per the Washington Post. Leading the pack was none other than five-time NBA all-star Chris Webber who served as analyst for the TNT’s telecast. “You can’t push somebody from out of bounds! I’ve never seen that before!”

In one of the most infamous end-of-game sequences ever, it may have been clear that the missed Spurs shot in the closing moments can be directly blamed to the ref being temporarily confused amidst all the action.

Russell Westbrook had 29 points and 10 assists, while Kevin Durant added 28 points to even the series at one game apiece.

The Spurs is set to regain their dominant lead during Game 3 of the series on Friday in Oklahoma City.

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