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Three Things That Make LG G5 Worth the Wait

Three Things That Make LG G5 Worth the Wait
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Three Things That Make LG G5 Worth the Wait

Many are anticipating for the LG G5 specifically because it is touted to be different from what LG offered before. According to new reports, the device will sport a completely new design and several features that should make it a contender even against big names in tech.


Several reports already said that LG G5 will depart from LG’s previous deisng practices. More importantly, it will feature an unusual accessory slot at the bottom. To this, the company confirmed the new feature. According to LG’s Facebook GIF post, the LG G5 will come with an “always-on” screen features. “Never go asleep while others do,” the company added.

However, this does not mean that the devices regular display will not turn off. From what LG posted, it appears that the screen will provide basic details like notification alerts, time and date through a black-and-white slate format. Although this does merit a real take off from what LG has been offering, this also implies that the company could be working on a new screen technology, according to The Verge. 

New Camera Design

Furthermore, the new press renders of the LG G5 suggest that it will come with an all new rear camera design setup. According to Android Headlines, the images suggest that the flash, cameras and seemingly laser auto-focus sensor are positioned horizontally instead of the vertical placement like in LG G4 and LG G3. 

Fingerprint Reader

Lastly, the LG G5 is also expected to come with a fingerprint reader on the back, just under the new camera. This could mean LG catching up with the likes of Apple and Samsung to incorporate more interactive features. The device is expected to be released during the Mobile World Congress.

Other details of the device remain unknown. People will need to wait for further announcements from the company.

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