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Three Dead In Apparent Detroit Murder-Suicide, Including 10-Year-Old Boy

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Three Dead In Apparent Detroit Murder-Suicide, Including 10-Year-Old Boy

Three people have died following a domestic incident at an apartment complex in Woodhaven on Monday night. Among the victims is a young boy.

Gunshots rang out at around 7:45 PM at the Marsh Creek Apartments near Van horn and Allen Roads. Neighbors said they heard around four or five gunshots from the victims’ apartment that night. ” I just heard a couple gunshots and I heard everyone started freaking out and grabbing their kids and taking them inside,” neighbor Marybeth Beaudrie remarked.

According to a report from Fox 2 Detroit, the mother of the young boy was the one who had found bodies before the police reached the crime scene. The mother of 10-year-old Christopher Baltzer had gone out to get her kids food. She had been walking up to the apartment with her eight-year-old daughter when the final shot rang out. Christopher’s mother arrived back at the apartment before the police and found that all three had been shot dead in the living room. “My niece called me. She found the bodies and I just came running over here as fast as I could,” Tammy Garcia, the victims’ sister and great aunt, told Click On Detroit.

Police identified the female victim as Christopher’s 49-year-old grandmother Sherry Multop. Meanwhile, they also identified the body of Terry Wyatt, Multop’s boyfriend, at the crime scene. It is believed that Wyatt was the shooter in this apparent murder-suicide. Police are saying that the shooter called them after shooting Christopher and his grandmother. He told them he was planning to take his own life.

Police order toxicology test on murder-suicide suspect.

At the same time, police have confirmed that it is not pursuing any other suspect in connection with the shooting. Authorities also managed to recover a handgun from the scene. A report from WXYZ Detroit also revealed that police have ordered a toxicology test on the shooter.

Following the tragedy, Christopher and Multop’s family are mourning their tragic loss. ” You don’t want to believe it’s your family. You want to believe you just see something on the news like that. It’s terrible,” Harold Garcia, the victim’s brother-in-law, said. Christopher’s family has reportedly just moved from Wyandotte to Woodhaven. The young boy had been a 4th-grade student at the Garfield Elementary School in Wyandotte.

Today, the family has set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for the funeral expenses for Christopher and his grandmother.

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