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Thousands of Yahoo Email Accounts Hacked

Thousands of Yahoo Email Accounts Hacked


Thousands of Yahoo Email Accounts Hacked

Yahoo senior VP Jay Rossiter has confirmed that several Yahoo mail user names and passwords were compromised by an unknown third party. However, the Yahoo authorities have said that there is no need to panic as they have successfully reset the passwords and taking necessary steps to deplete the detrimental effects of this attack which was carried out using some “malicious third party software” as Rossiter said in his Tumblr post.

Yahoo’s VP said didn’t specify the actual number of accounts that were compromised. He said that we are still unable to find evidence that the user’s data, names and passwords were taken directly from the Yahoo servers. “The data was taken from the most recent sent email messages to the users,” said Rossiter. However, Rossiter said that there is no need to panic for those who got their passwords leaked. Their passwords have already been reset by the Yahoo servers and they must have received an email or sms notification, in case you have chosen two-way authentication for the mail service.

Experts perceive the latest blow to the Yahoo mail service as one of the pronounced embarrassment for Yahoo services that will shake the already reluctant Yahoo users. One month ago, CEO Marissa Mayer apologized for the major two day outage for the Yahoo mail service during which the users around the world saw an ugly “system down for maintenance” error message. This was immediately followed by a Flickr outage which also teased billions of users and resulted in a flurry of complaints in the tech giant’s mail box.

Yahoo said it has contacted the law enforcement agencies to foil the attacks and immediately started tracking back the perpetrators to get to the root of the problem. Yahoo recently rolled out a 2048-bit SSL encryption for Yahoo Mail, designed to make the service more secure. Many Yahoo users are able to recover their compromised passwords because the Yahoo servers were not the target of the attack and Yahoo security experts suggest that such attacks must be avoided in the future in order to maintain the image of the company around the world.

It’s important to note that in 2012, the Yahoo servers were targeted by unidentified hackers who posted login information for more than 450,000 Yahoo users online. According to a report, there are around 273 million Yahoo mail accounts worldwide, and users of the Yahoo services are getting more and more worried on the periodic outages and security breaches.

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