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‘Thor: Ragnarok:’ First Look At Karl Urban As Skurge, Sizzle Reel To Be Released

‘Thor: Ragnarok:’ First Look At Karl Urban As Skurge, Sizzle Reel To Be Released
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‘Thor: Ragnarok:’ First Look At Karl Urban As Skurge, Sizzle Reel To Be Released

Thor: Ragnarok remains low-profile since its unexpected teaser at SDCC wasn’t what fans hoped for. Nevertheless, attendees were able to take a look at Hulk’s armor from the movie.

Fans have come across set images of Mark Ruffalo in his motion capture suit of the Hulk. While it has been hinted that Chris Hemsworth will be sporting a short hair in the movie, fans still haven’t got a glimpse of it. Except for SDCC attendees, of course.

Fortunately, Karl Urban decided to show fans his new look for Thor: Ragnarok. The actor has shaved his hair and is now sporting a beard.

Urban will be playing the role of Skurge in Thor: Ragnarok. The supervillain is known as The Executioner in Marvel Comics. While he is a warrior of Asgard, Skurge teamed up with Loki along with the Enchantress. They will attempt to attack Jane Foster in the comics.

In other news, a recent tweet by Taika Waititi has teased the release of a sizzle reel for Thor: Ragnarok. Check out the tweet below.

While Marvel didn’t give SDCC attendees a glimpse of an actual footage from the movie, the studio revealed a behind-the-scenes video featuring the new look of Thor, revealing costumes and props. Also, a concept art from the movie was revealed as well.

The footage revealed a scene showing Thor and Hulk in his armor, similar to the animated and comic series Planet Hulk.

Thor: Ragnarok will be released on October 25, 2017.

Fans can expect the teaser screened at SDCC to be publicly released soon. It was earlier confirmed by James Gunn that footages from Comic-Con will be delayed.

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