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‘Thor: Ragnarok’ To Adapt Planet Hulk Storyline, Avengers Possibly Divided

‘Thor: Ragnarok’ To Adapt Planet Hulk Storyline, Avengers Possibly Divided
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‘Thor: Ragnarok’ To Adapt Planet Hulk Storyline, Avengers Possibly Divided

Marvel fans have been aching to find out how Thor: Ragnarok would set the story or influence the events in Avengers: Infinity War. Finally, we have an answer, and it’s nothing like we expected.

Thor: Ragnarok storyline to involve Planet Hulk

According to JoBlo, the movie would start with Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth, in search of “the ultimate weapon” to make sure Ragnarok doesn’t happen. But that’s not all; the article also suggests the movie would use the stoyline of Planet Hulk, which raises many questions and theories.

First, Thor could be searching for another Infinity Stone. This theory could pan out, though, and we have no official confirmation as of now.

Using the Planet Hulk storyline teases various theories for Marvel’s upcoming lineup. If you have watched the animated movie or followed the comics, *SPOILERS* we witness Hulk being tricked and sent to an alien planet, as he is deemed too dangerous to stay on Earth. Due to the spaceship’s malfunction, our hero’s trajectory changes then goes through a wormhole to land on a warrior planet.

As the animated version suggests, Iron Man has a hand in it. Does it mean Marvel plans to rip apart the relationships our heroes share before the release of Avengers: Infinity War? We have already seen the division between team Iron Man and team Captain America in Civil War. Now, Thor: Ragnarok would probably set the scene for the upcoming Avengers title.

On a lighter note, Hemsworth will be fashioning a shaved head for a good part of the movie; hopefully it suits him better than the Viking hairstyle. We have to wait for a sneak peek to be the judge of that. Even Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie is going through some changes in her looks as “she’ll be wearing war paint on her face much like a Native American warrior.”

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