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‘Thor’ Marvel: Mel Gibson Was Offered To Play Odin

‘Thor’ Marvel: Mel Gibson Was Offered To Play Odin
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‘Thor’ Marvel: Mel Gibson Was Offered To Play Odin

Very few superhero movies in the Marvel Entertainment Universe require careful execution while selecting secondary characters. Thor was one of them.

Fortunately, the casting crew was able to pull it off by having Anthony Hopkins in the movie. But what if we told you another actor was approached for the role before him?

In an interview with The Guardian, Mel Gibson revealed that he was approached for the role of Odin. Gibson said, “Yeah, [I was approached] long time ago to play Thor’s dad, But I didn’t do it.”

Mel Gibson approached for other Marvel films as well

This is not the first time the actor was asked to be part of the Marvel film universe. Robert Downey, Jr. had plans of involving Gibson in The Avengers. According to Gizmodo, the actor was also considered to play Wolverine, but none of the roles convinced the filmmaker to become a part of the fictional universe.

Before we start convincing ourselves that Gibson would have justified the role as Odin, let’s consider the age factor here. Odin is the oldest and wisest god in Asgard. Mel Gibson has done a wonderful job aging gracefully. Although it couldn’t have been a major flaw, Gibson as Odin would have looked like an elder brother of Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth.

Moreover, Anthony Hopkins perfectly syncs with the role. Imagining Gibson wearing a white wig would have been a nightmare for fans.

If you miss the actor in action, you might as well wait for the release of his upcoming movie “Hacksaw Ridge”. Its release date still hasn’t been announced, but it will be released this year.

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