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This New Hover Drone Will Follow Your Movements

This New Hover Drone Will Follow Your Movements


This New Hover Drone Will Follow Your Movements

A new Beijing based drone company called Zero Zero Robotics has invented a hover camera that flies the moment the user throws it on the air. The drone is designed to fly with four propellers concealed in a carbon fibre grate, making the propellers inaccessible unlike Phantom DJI drones.

The innovative drone is sought after for its unique design which MQ, CEO and cofounder of Zero Zero Robotics says, “Safety and portability was our design goal”. The drone can be controlled by any smartphones through its app, which allows the users to position and insert commands to follow them or even take panorama shots. Like any other app, the hover camera can save the forage directly on to the smartphone devices.

In terms of the components that were used to design the tiny drone, Hover camera uses a mobile chip giant Qualcomm processor, none other than Snapdragon 801 ”system on a chip”. The state-of-the-art board controls the positioning of the camera to follow people and avoid knocking itself down through objects. The drone also has a camera facing downward and sonar to help keeps its position steady during flight mode.

MQ was fascinated by AI and his interested to take it out of the data center began in Stanford and Carnegie Mellon University where he studied about machine learning. He then lead his vision through Zero Zero, trying to install artificial intelligence (AI) into portable devices.

In an interview MQ said, “Two years ago, we saw an opportunity that was more than just building drones or new cameras,” What we saw was a unique opportunity to embed AI in compact devices. I personally like to call it embedded AI. Through my grad studies at Stanford and Carnegie Mellon, it was all done on big data centers. What I’ve seen over the past few years is smartphones have not only significantly driven down the cost of components but we’re also seeing huge improvements. We can adopt top-of-the-line smartphones chips to run a lot of these computer vision algorithms.”

The drone will be sold likely this summer. But, the company has not disclosed the price of the product, MQ says the drone will be priced below $600 and also said the company is in ties with a large scale manufacturer to start producing the drone.

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