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‘This Girl Can’ Campaign To Spread Outside UK

‘This Girl Can’ Campaign To Spread Outside UK
Image from This Girl Can campaign video


‘This Girl Can’ Campaign To Spread Outside UK

After going viral in the UK, the campaign makers are preparing to influence other countries. Dubbed “This Girl Can,” the campaign hopes to remove fitness stereotypes and encourage women to get active in sports. The spinoff of this campaign aims to get Australian women of all age and size to exercise come early 2018.

According to ABC News, VicHealth is now asking Australian women to share their fitness story on a website. These clips will then be used to create the local TV ads in 2018.

Sports England CEO Jennie Price hopes to replicate the same success the campaign garnered in the UK. “This is our first international partnership and to be able to go home and say to British women,’ there are Australian women who feel the same, who are experiencing the same,’ that’s very powerful,” she said. In retrospect, 2.8 million British women were inspired by the campaign, Sport England estimates.

The This Girl Can campaign garnered over 16 million views on YouTube and Facebook. The video shows women of all age and sizes performing a variety of exercise routines and sports such as swimming, jogging, boxing, and more. It also banners some taglines that some might find offensive, such as “I jiggle therefore I am” and “sweating like a pig.”

Price said plenty of women identified themselves with the people in the ad and helped them think “maybe I can get out there and get fit.” A follow up video was released this 2017 which focused more on showing that women in different periods of their life, whether they might be in pregnancy and old age, have the strength to engage in physical activity and get fit.

According to VicHealth’s study (as per Women’s Agenda), 41 percent of women are embarrassed to exercise in public. In contrast, only 26 percent of men are wary of exercising in public.

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