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Things You Need To Know About The WhatsApp Update Now

Things You Need To Know About The WhatsApp Update Now
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Things You Need To Know About The WhatsApp Update Now

The recent WhatsApp update brings to life a new user interface, new custom notification settings, new chat mute options and more.

The update, which happened 5 times in 24 hours, features a lot of new things users, may (or may not) enjoy.

WhatsApp Updates

WhatsApp Updates

1. New notification settings

There is now a new “custom notifications” section, when you open a contact’s or group’s detail page. You can also mute a conversation for a certain amount of time like for 8 hours, 1 week or 1 year. You will also have options for pop-up notifications.

2. Unread options

Always found it hard to deal with accusations of not replying? There is now an option to mark a message as UNREAD, to save replying or reading a message better at a later time. Now, it will be like your emails, only don’t overdo it or you won’t end up replying to anyone again.

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3. Low data usage

If you’re on a low data bandwidth area, you can stop worrying because an option for low data usage for voice calls is available. Now there’s no need to drain all your data allocation in one go. WhatsApp understands your limits sometimes.

4. Google Drive backup options

Android Police pointed this out. There’s an option for Google Drive backup available in the app several months ago, but this vanished into thin air without a word. But now, it seems like it’s back again, with an intent to be used in the future. Though no words as to what it’s for and how this can be used, the website just pointed out that it’s there and it’s a welcomed part of the updates.

You can download the updated version here.

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