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Things to Expect at Next Week’s Mobile World Congress 2014

Things to Expect at Next Week’s Mobile World Congress 2014


Things to Expect at Next Week’s Mobile World Congress 2014

The next big event for the technology industry is happening next week. The Mobile World Congress would be held from February 23 to February 26. The show would be in Barcelona in Spain.

The eye candy is returning. After the success of last year’s show when some of the best and hottest news in mobile technology was unveiled, this year is expected to be even better. It is expected to become a big mobile phone trade show. But what can we actually expect for this year’s events? Here are some hints.

Foxconn and BlackBerry

Some sources claim that the event would be the venue for the launch of any product from the collaboration of Foxconn and BlackBerry. Some representatives of the companies have reportedly confirmed that they are about to unveil some Foxconn Berries at the event. Some observers expect the product to be an affordable one, just like the ones BlackBerry recently launched for the Indonesian market.


By now, it is a public knowledge that HTC would hold several mini-events during the run of the show. But not to be expected is the successor to HTC One. It would have to come on March 25. But many are excited at what the company could be unveiling and announcing next week at Barcelona.


The Chinese smartphone maker Huawei is also set to star in the show. Some sources think that the company would take a curve ball in its smartwatch. Last February 16, Huawei launched a teaser video that hints of a new smartphone and two new tablets. One of those would include LTE connectivity features.

LG Electronics

LG has already launched its G Pro 2. But it is expected to use the show as an occasion to debut the product on a worldwide basis. Also expected next week is the 4.7-inch G2 Mini that the company announced last Wednesday. There’s also an LG smartwatch in the offing, which may possibly be called as ‘G Arch.’


Nokia Corp is set to launch its Nokia X first thing in the show. It is the latest evolution of its affordable Asha feature handsets. X would be based on open-source version of Google’s Android OS. But sources said that it would not look like a typical Android phone at all. 

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