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There’s A $106 Million Wedding Cake? Yes, There Is!

There’s A $106 Million Wedding Cake? Yes, There Is!
Screengrab from Debbie Wingham / Twitter


There’s A $106 Million Wedding Cake? Yes, There Is!

A wealthy Arab family commissioned former couture designer Debbie Wingham to make the world’s most expensive cake to date with a price tag of $106 million.

A wealthy Arab family, who wants to remain anonymous, has commissioned former couture designer, Debbie Wingham, to make the world’s most expensive cake to date with a price tag of $106 million. The cake is designed after a catwalk. All figures on the catwalk and at the aisle have designer handbags, eyeglasses, shoes and even the latest Apple devices. There is even a photographer at the end of the catwalk. The cake weighs 450 kg and took 1,100 hours to make.

According to a report from the Business Insider, the runway of the cake has 400 one-carat white diamonds; 73 three-carat white diamonds; 73 three-carat black diamonds. The icing has one 5.2 carat pink diamond; one 6.4 carat yellow diamond; 15 five carat white diamonds. According to Business Insider’s rough estimated, the diamonds alone are valued at $65 million, including amethyst and emeralds.

Speaking with the Daily Mail, Wingham said that her cake creation was a big hit for her client’s guests. “I feel delighted that the cake was a great success the clients last night were over the moon and the guests,” she said, adding that the cake “was very time consuming with extremely tiny details but I tried to make it as true to a runway show as possible.”

Speaking about her experience in cake making, Wingham said it is “relaxing and therapeutic and I am extremely looking forward to my future in pastry.” She added that she really enjoy “unusual projects n I plan to keep creating unusual cakes which are more like edible art installation.”

Wingham is also responsible for the world’s most expensive black diamond dress she made in 2012. The dress was valued at more than $5 million. The dress has 50 two carat black diamonds, scattered on the peplum and at the shoulders. The dress’ bustier has a five carat black diamond. The body of the dress has 1,500 white pointer diamonds.

Wingham became popular among the Arabian royalty when she made the red diamond abaya valued at approximately $18 million. The abaya has 3,000 diamonds: 50 two carat flawless white diamonds; 50 two carat flawless black diamonds; the rare Red diamond and 1,899 pointer diamonds; and 1,000 pointer rubies.

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