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There Is A Marijuana Ranch Set To Open In Colorado Next Year

There Is A Marijuana Ranch Set To Open In Colorado Next Year
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There Is A Marijuana Ranch Set To Open In Colorado Next Year

When there are breweries and wineries you can head to for some tasting, there is no reason why you can’t also head somewhere to try marijuana. Next year will see the opening of the Colorado Cannabis Ranch & Amphitheater and it is said to be a “world-class marijuana cultivation center.” Here you can try some marijuana and lounge around with friends while enjoying spectacular views of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

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The Colorado Cannabis Ranch & Amphitheater is located just between downtown Denver and Denver International Airport. It will provide visitors with a grand interactive tour of its marijuana cultivation facility. This is where visitors will be able to see “real, high quality, legal marijuana.” It is also their hope that people would be educated better about the topic there.

Meanwhile, its outdoor amphitheater will also be able to handle a crowd of more than 3,000. When it opens, there are plans to conduct a series of community events there, including farmer’s markets, theatrical performances, music performances, food tastings, art fairs and even yoga and dance lessons.

A Restaurant Featuring Homegrown Ingredients

The Colorado Cannabis Ranch & Amphitheater will also feature a restaurant that allows diners “to break bread alongside a vast legal marijuana grow facility.” The menu will change depending on the availability of the ingredients on site.

Moreover, the upcoming ranch will also offer a dispensary. Here, visitors get to meet the ranch’s budtenders, who will ensure that everyone gets a “personalized marijuana experience.” Marijuana products that will be made available include traditional bud, oil, wax, edibles, drinks, vapor and more.

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