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Theories Run Wild As Facebook Bans ‘Everyone Will Know’

Theories Run Wild As Facebook Bans ‘Everyone Will Know’


Theories Run Wild As Facebook Bans ‘Everyone Will Know’

Those who tried posting the phrase on Facebook were prompted to a pop-up.

On Sunday, someone posted on “Why can’t you post ‘everyone will know’ on Facebook?” Subsequently a thread on Reddit tried to search for the answer.

Those who tried to post the phrase on Facebook were prompted to a pop-up saying that “the action attempted has been deemed abusive or is otherwise disallowed. To keep from getting blocked again, please make sure you’ve read and understand Facebook Community Standards.”

Some of those who posted the phrase were prompted to a message saying the systems have detected a lot of people posting the same content. In this scenario, Facebook automatically determines it as a spam. If this is the case, it gets weirder, one Reddit poster said. Since it was weird that the phrase was being banned, it gets more popular and everyone tries to post it, which in turn means no one can post it, the Reddit commenter said.

“What if this is just an experiment by Facebook to find out how quickly everyone will know about this?” another theorized.

Another theory goes that this is exactly what Facebook wants, to have many people try posting the phrase. “If you post that as a comment or status, it gives Facebook the legal authority to read and datamine your thoughts, and sell your thought data to other companies,” one commenter said.

One commenter said that there is nothing weird about it. He explained that the ban is a way to combat spam bots. By banning the phrase, Facebook staff has less of a burden to do. They do not have to manually delete spam. Once a word or phrase hits a certain quota it will automatically be banned.

Melanie Ensign, from Facebook security communication, explained to The Huffington Post that the incident was just a mistake to Facebook’s spam filter. “Our engineers have resolved the issue. We’re constantly updating the rules used by our spam-fighting engine and this particular phrase erroneously got caught in the mix,” Ensign said.

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