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The Xbox One Is Getting New Features and Apps in June Update

The Xbox One Is Getting New Features and Apps in June Update


The Xbox One Is Getting New Features and Apps in June Update

The Xbox One Is Getting New Features and Apps in June UpdateMicrosoft has begun rolling out the latest update to their Xbox One gaming console this month and the company has detailed all the features and apps coming to the console with the update.

The update will bring with it 2 major features to the console – support for external storage and the ability to use your real name for friends. Other things coming with the update include new SmartGlass features, new Gold membership benefits, and access to a slew of new apps.

External storage support will let users attach up to two external hard drives to their Xbox One. Microsoft mentioned that the external drives have to be at least 256GB and be USB3.0 compatible. The drives, like with the Xbox 360, will be formatted to work with the Xbox One and then users will be able to copy and move games, apps, and game add-ons to the external drive to free up space on their consoles. Users will then be able to take  their external drives and attach it to another Xbox One to access their content without having to re-download everything.

Real name display support lets users choose to allow people in their friends list see their real name. Users will have the ability to control who they share their real name with. They can either let their whole friends list see their real name, a subset of their choice, friends of friends, or even no one at all. Microsoft says it makes it easier for friends to recognize each other especially when they start reaching the 1,000 friends limit.

The new SmartGlass features being introduced with the update include bringing the OneGuide and Universal Remote Control features to SmartGlass. Users will now also be able to reorganize their Xbox One pins with SmartGlass. Lastly, users can now choose to get notifications on your smartphone, PC, or tablet when a favorite friend signs into their console or starts streaming a game. Some devices will even let users choose to start  watching the stream.

Lastly, the June update is bringing the recently announced Xbox Live Gold membership changes which include Games with Gold and Deals with Gold. With the new Gold benefits, Microsoft is also allowing all Xbox Live members access popular gaming and entertainment apps even without a Gold membership. Additionally, the Xbox Live changes also affect users on the Xbox 360.

Users can now update their consoles to start using the new features and gain access to the new apps now available for everyone on Xbox Live.

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