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The White House Upgrades “We the People” Site Keeping in Mind Mobile Users

The White House Upgrades “We the People” Site Keeping in Mind Mobile Users
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The White House Upgrades “We the People” Site Keeping in Mind Mobile Users

Prioritizing the fact that most of the people in this digital age prefer petitioning through their smart phones or iPhones, the White House has decided to optimize its “We the People” page for mobile users. Filing or signing petitions on the page has now become easier than ever!

A press release from the White House made it clear that they were hopeful that with the smoothing of the process of filing petitions, more people would be able to reach out and get help a lot quicker: “That means it’s also way simpler for people — no matter their age, location, or level of technical prowess — to participate in petitioning.” With the purpose of making viewing, signing or sharing a petition “universally accessible” and instantaneous, the White House has also gone ahead and done away with all the unnecessary features that cluttered the We the People site earlier. According to The Verge, the redesign was a deliberate attempt to encourage people to sign or file a petition without having to waste their time going through piles of extra info, which people tended to ignore anyway. Hence, the e-petition site has undergone a major cleanup process, setting up easy-to-use templates that let people create petitions with just a few clicks.

“We the People” is an e-petition site that was created by the U.S. government as a public relation device which allows American citizens to express their views about the currently ongoing administration policies through filing petitions. It forms a part of the website and was introduced on September 22, 2011. In most cases, if a particular petition is signed and supported by a considerable number of people, it is taken notice of by governmental officials, who may then proceed to issue an official statement or reply regarding the issue addressed in that petition. However, such an official recognition or reply is not guaranteed and depends on the decision of the White House alone.

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