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The Walking Dead Teaser: What Happens To Dwight – REPORT

The Walking Dead Teaser: What Happens To Dwight – REPORT
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The Walking Dead Teaser: What Happens To Dwight – REPORT

Once again, The Walking Dead has left its viewers feeling baffled and astounded at the same time ,as the latest season of the show left them so much to remember. We can all remember that the last scene of Season 6 bloodily ended with traces of clues for the next happenings.

Now that the release of Season 7 is coming closer and closer, the anticipated new season is attacked by a lot of questions though the biggest mystery is, who was brutally killed by Negan’s baseball bat? Now if you are an avid fan of this series and you read The Walking Dead comic version, you would know what happens next but we also know that the makers of TWD would not just settle for that.

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Although speculations have been circulating on the Internet, we cannot just simply jump into conclusions until we watch it ourselves. Some of these clues really make sense as The Walking Dead have finally released a teaser for Season 7. Fans rejoice as they see the bloody and should I say disgusting faces of the cast again even for just a few minutes. It was indeed worth the wait.

The first theory is that Maggie could be the one killed because of the wedding ring that peeked at the end of the video though it could also be Glenn, according to a report from Huffington Post. The second one is that some fans think that Daryl is actually the victim since his garment was lying on the ground covered with lots of blood. Speaking of Daryl, he was supposed to kill Dwight but did not push through because he still has kindness in his heart. Now, Dwight has joined another group and watched others fall down. What could be his real intention?

The Walking Dead Season 7 premiers on October 23 at 9 PM.

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