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The Truth? Russia Grapples In Syria

The Truth? Russia Grapples In Syria
Sukhoi Su-34, Sukhoi Su-24M, Sukhoi Su-27, Sukhoi Su-30, Micoyan & Gurevich MiG-29 Dmitry Terekhov / Flickr cc by-sa 2.0


The Truth? Russia Grapples In Syria

Russian warplanes are said to be struggling with the harsh conditions in the Syrian desert.

Russian warplanes are said to be struggling with the harsh conditions in the Syrian desert, according to military official who have spoken with USA Today on condition of anonymity. According to the source, Russian forces and equipment are grappling to proceed with airstrikes against terrorist due to the dusty conditions.

To be exact, nearly one-third of warplanes deployed in Syria and half of its military vehicles on the ground are compelled to cease operations any time they encountered harsh desert condition. Richard Aboulafia, an aviation expert who has spoken with USA Today, said “for deployed forces, that’s a hideous rate.”

As a result, Russian airstrikes are slashed decreasingly. Aboulafia stressed that Russians seemed to have attacked Syria without the required readiness rate. “They could have bad operating procedures, inadequate supplies of spare parts and support crews. An awful lot of expeditionary warfare revolves around logistics. A lot of it comes down to experience. They don’t have that much of it,” he said.

Comparing on the basis of the readiness rate, U.S. warplanes have been above 90 percent, David Deptula, a retired three-star Air Force general explained. Russian’s readiness rate is at 70 percent, he said, adding that Russian jet fighters were not deployed regularly at the rate that U.S. warplanes do.

However, a spokesman of Russia’s Ministry of Defense told RT that Russia’s offensive in Syria had been successful. The moves were able to exterminate hundreds of terrorist targets. He said that the strategy includes only targeting confirmed targets obtained from intelligence coming from Baghdad, Iraq and Iran.

“The main aim is to neutralize the actions of terrorist groups on the territory of Syria. That’s why the airstrikes are carried out in various areas in Syria. This includes the provinces of Aleppo, Homs, Hama and Damascus,” spokesman Igor Konashenkov told RT.

Konashenkov added that their strategy also include matching the correct weapon to use to the nature of target to be strike. “The type of ammunition used is taken into consideration during airstrikes. For example, when the Russian army bombs bunkers and concrete shelters, it uses special weapons that at first pin the concrete and then explode inside,” Konashenkov explained.

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