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The Sword New Album Release: Date Update, Where To Buy World Tour Tickets

The Sword New Album Release: Date Update, Where To Buy World Tour Tickets
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The Sword New Album Release: Date Update, Where To Buy World Tour Tickets

Fall seems to be the perfect time to listen to some good heavy metal music. The Sword is all set to release its new album “Low Country” on Friday.

The American heavy metal band’s Low Country is a compilation of their 2015 album High Country. The latter was the band’s fifth studio album. The Sword recorded acoustic versions of the album’s tracks in early 2016.

Low Country is a selection of acoustic versions of the songs from their previous album. The album has been produced by The Sword bassist Bryan Richie and J. Robbins mixed the effort, according to a tweet.

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Low Country will have a worldwide release on Friday. The album features cover art by Richey Beckett.

To support the release of their latest album Low Country, The Sword will embark on a tour starting Sep. 22. The world tour of the hard rock band will be for almost one month and will continue till November.

The Sword will have 10 headline shows in the world tour of the legendary Swedish band’s Opeth tour. In the first leg of the tour, The Sword will have support from Ruby The Hatchet.

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In the second leg of their tour with Opeth, the band will have help from C Average. Tickets for The Swords’ tour with Opeth are available online and fans can lay their hands on it here.

The Sword was formed in Austin, Texas in 2003. The members of the band include John D Cronise, Kyle Shutt, Bryan Richie and Santiago Vela III.

Categorized as a stoner rock and doom metal band, The Sword’s musical influence are Black Sabbath, Sleep, Led Zeppelin and Blue Cheer, Wikipedia reports. The Sword shot to international fame with its album High Country.

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