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‘The Purge 3: Election Year’ Review: Film May Spell Its Own Demise

‘The Purge 3: Election Year’ Review: Film May Spell Its Own Demise
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‘The Purge 3: Election Year’ Review: Film May Spell Its Own Demise

“The Purge 3: Election Year” could possibly be the final installment of the franchise and not because it was horrible. It’s because the film’s plot revolves around protecting a senator who wants to end the purge altogether.

The franchise has come a long way from a sleeper hit in 2013 with a gross revenue of $200 million from the first two films alone. The third film is set to be released today and has already gotten a few reviews.

The first film described the purge as a catharsis allowing the population to release all their pent up frustration on one night. In “After Purge: Anarchy,” we knew that wasn’t the case as its true goal is artificial population control and wiping out the poor.

A New Look At The Purge

According to IGN, “The Purge 3: Election Year”r now puts the audience behind the scenes of the annual purge.

The protagonists are members of the government and are being targeted by the New Founding Fathers of America for threatening the status quo.

The previous films focus mainly on the people directly affected by the annual event, purgers and victims. “The Purge 3: Election Year” focuses on the people behind it, the NFFA. In order to purge someone from the government, the government must change the rules of the purge itself.

This is the first Purge film to be anti-purge itself as if to serve as a warning to citizens that such brutality amounts to nothing. It accomplishes this by showing more killings in between the scenes of the main characters.

According to the LA Times, the film once again features the interactions between people of different social standings prominent in the films. As the senator and her bodyguard traverses, the streets a deli owner and his employee comes to their aid.

“The Purge 3: Election Year” Schools The Audience

The film can be considered as a macabre spoof of America’s gun culture and rampant street violence in inner cities. The film even takes it even further by asking “Is murder our new religion” at the beginning.

In the end, “The Purge 3: Election Year” asks the moral question of whether the ends justify the means. If the annual murder of countless innocent people results in a stable economy and low unemployment, why stop it?

“The Purge 3: Election Year” is currently in general release.

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