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‘The Night Of’ Episode 7 Spoilers: Naz Might Be A Psychopathic Killer

‘The Night Of’ Episode 7 Spoilers: Naz Might Be A Psychopathic Killer
Deep breaths. The Night Of returns this Sunday at 9PM on HBO.The Night Of / Facebook

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‘The Night Of’ Episode 7 Spoilers: Naz Might Be A Psychopathic Killer

Naz, in the “The Night Of”, is evolving more and more into a villain by the minute. Was he actually a psychopathic killer all along?

While Naz might have started out as an innocent little college boy who was shy and alienated himself from everyone, his transformation over the last few episodes has been startling. Under the close guidance of Freddy, the warlord of Rikers, Naz is slowly being molded into a person capable of murder and more.

While “The Night Of” episode 5 was all about Naz doing what he needs to do to survive in the prison and paying back Freddy for all that he has done for him, by episode 6, it became clear that Naz was starting to enjoy himself, getting his knuckles tattooed and enjoying exclusive cell reception, courtesy of Freddy.

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‘The Night Of’ Spoilers

While Naz was getting high on the very drugs that he helped transfer into prison, his parents are seen working less-than-convenient jobs just to support his legal fee, reports Esquire. If that does not change a viewer’s opinion about the naïve Pakistani boy, nothing will.

Naz was also seen confessing to Chandra, his attorney that he had indeed pushed his schoolmate down a flight of stairs back at his old school and he did not regret it. In fact, the action was as natural to him as “pushing open a door, you just push it” and he did not think twice about it.

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‘The Night Of’ Episode 7

The fact that Naz’s face was devoid of any emotion has he recalled the horrific event is evidence enough that he has come a long way from being the scared and confused guy that the viewers got introduced to at the beginning of the show.

Did this cold and calculating side of Naz come to play on the night he met Andrea? Did he really kill her?

According to CarterMatt, “The Night Of” episode 7 which airs next Sunday on HBO, called “Ordinary Death”, is going to focus on Naz’s defense in the trial.

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