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‘The Night Of’ Episode 5 Spoilers: Box Proves Naz is lying – Report

‘The Night Of’ Episode 5 Spoilers: Box Proves Naz is lying – Report
Deep breaths. The Night Of returns this Sunday at 9PM on HBO.The Night Of / Facebook

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‘The Night Of’ Episode 5 Spoilers: Box Proves Naz is lying – Report

Detective Box is going to piece together a timeline for the night of the murder in “The Night Of” episode 5! Will he discover something fishy about the events as reiterated by Naz?

Knowing what we know of Detective Box, from the first 5 episodes of “the Night Of”, he is not the one to be misled for very long. This is why, even though Box has been hell-bent on building an ironclad case against Naz, he still has an inkling feeling that something just doesn’t fit in the whole boy-murders-girl scenario.

One of the reasons for Box getting such an unsettling feeling is ,of course, the fact that Naz has no previous criminal records and says that he does not remember anything from that night after he went to bed with a girl he met for the first time that day.

But is Naz speaking the truth? He has shown in the last couple of episodes that he has it in him to survive in the dark world of prison where he is not only a naive young fellow among convicted felons but also an apparent target for goons who draw the line at raping and murdering a girl.

‘The Night Of’ Episode 5

The previous episode saw Naz making up his mind about which side to pick, instead of being swayed by people’s words, and voluntarily striking a deal with Freddy, who seems like the godfather of Rikers.

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The sudden change from a quiet, bewildered and poker-faced Naz to a strong and assertive one really made the viewers question if Naz has been speaking the whole truth or is there more to what he remembers from that night, reports IGN.

As per the synopsis revealed by CarterMatt, Box might be thinking about the same thing. This is why he sits with a map in hand, to trace back all of Naz’s movements on the night of the murder, once and for all, in the upcoming episode.

‘The Night Of’ Spoilers

Jack Stone will be back on Naz’s case after Alison quits and Naz will be warned by him not to hold back any details about the murder that he might remember.

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“Everything you say happened, happened? Because your life depends upon it,” says Stone.

Even Freddy will sense that Naz is hiding something. “You got some secrets there, don’t you?” Freddy asks Naz.

So will Box find out something that Naz is hiding from them all?

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