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‘The Night Of’ Episode 4 Spoilers: Naz May Regret Rejecting Freddy’s Offer

‘The Night Of’ Episode 4 Spoilers: Naz May Regret Rejecting Freddy’s Offer
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‘The Night Of’ Episode 4 Spoilers: Naz May Regret Rejecting Freddy’s Offer

Uh oh! Did Naz make one of the biggest mistakes by refusing to take help from Freddy? Will the mistake cost him dearly in the next episode?

HBO’s “The Night Of” is exploring new menacing levels in the murky world of the legal system. Episode 3 was all about a naive Naz getting the first taste of Riker’s prison and learning that he cannot trust anyone inside that hell of a place.

But that does not mean that he did not get offered help. Freddy, a prisoner who clearly exudes considerable influence over both the inmates as well as the guards (who do his bidding for him) showed his interest in helping out Naz.

‘The Night Of’ Episode 3 Recap

Freddy seems interested in Naz from the moment he enters the prison premises. First a guard hands him a pair of shoes, which is a gift from Freddy and Naz wears them everywhere he goes, even inside the shower.

The fact that no one tries to sneak up on him or cause him any harm from the time he starts to wear the shoes, further proves the kind of respect Freddy holds for the inmates.

Freddy even invites Naz to his prison cell to teach him the “separate judicial system” of the prison:

“See you’re a celebrity in here and I’m not talking the good kind,” Naz is informed by Freddy, who adds that there are slim chances of survival for a guy who has presumably raped and killed a girl.

After Naz is made to place his hand on a piece of raw veal (much like swearing on a bible), Freddy makes a proposal to Naz about having his back inside the prison since it’s a dangerous world out there, reports TVLine.

‘The Night Of’ Spoilers

Naz rejects his proposal and true to the words of his neighboring inmate – “Whatever he is offering, you gotta take it, otherwise you are dead!” – the next time Naz gets up to take a piss in the middle of the night, he comes back to find his bed on fire.

According to CarterMatt, things get even worse in the “The Night Of” episode 4 for Naz, as he continues to battle with the consequences of rejecting Freddy. Even though he seems to have his brave face on, how long can he actually keep it on is the question.

With Jack Stone, the lawyer who actually cared for Naz, replaced by Alison (who we have little idea of), and left to fend for himself, who knows what might end up happening to Naz in the next episode!

Even though the epsiode 4 trailer shows that Jack Stone is definitely not going to let go of his golden goose that easy, it is hard to predict how hard life is going to get for Naz inside the prison.

HBO’s “The Night Of” airs every Sunday.

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