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The New Twitter Connect Tab Lets you Find and Follow the Best Accounts

The New Twitter Connect Tab Lets you Find and Follow the Best Accounts
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The New Twitter Connect Tab Lets you Find and Follow the Best Accounts

Do you feel like you haven’t been following as many people as you would like on Twitter? Well, Twitter has come up with a solution to your problem. Its new “Connect” tab is all set to connect you with the best accounts out there that matches your interest and which you can follow in an instant.

Twitter Connect is a tab, reports The Verge, which is available for anyone who uses the Twitter app on android or iOS and forms the part of the latest version, which can be availed by installing the upcoming update. It sits on top of your Twitter feed, ready with a list of recommendations that are based on your location, the accounts that you already follow and significant events that might be taking place near you.

With the Twitter Connect tab, the company aims to become smarter, and it does not only find accounts that could potentially be of your interest but also cites reasons as to why you should be following those particular accounts. Some of the categories that the recommendations will be divided into are sections like “Popular Near You” and “Trending Now”.

According to Digital Trends, the new Twitter Connect tab will also base its recommendations on the contacts that are already in your account. While this is not a new addition, the procedure to access it has never been smoother. The creators of Twitter believe that the new Connect tab will soon catch on, making it the next big trend in the Twitter world. They have also hinted to the fact that this is not the final rendition of the Connect tab and that with time it might go through some changes that further help it become refined and organized.

The Connect tab is definitely the latest strategy for Twitter to invite more users to join its network. The rate of people signing up for a Twitter account seems to be going down since only a mere 5 million new users have joined its network in the last 6 months. As to whether its current plan of attracting more people to open accounts will work, only time will tell.

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