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Guatemala Elections: New Guatemalan President Is A Comedian, For Real

Guatemala Elections: New Guatemalan President Is A Comedian, For Real
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Guatemala Elections: New Guatemalan President Is A Comedian, For Real

The new Guatemala President is a comedian. “Jimmy Morales” has won a landslide victory over his opponent, Sandra Torres.

Jimmy Morales, a comedian for more than a decade, just became president of Guatemala.

This follows a landslide victory against his opponent, former first lady, Sandra Torres. Morales, 46, won the Guatemala presidential election on Sunday night amid the scandal that plagued the country’s previous president, Otto Pérez Molina, who stepped down in September due to a bribery scandal, reports

Morales was criticized for his lack of political experience, only having served the country as a comedian for 14 years, within which he once played a cowboy who accidentally became president one day. His policies were also questioned, BBC reports, as his manifesto, of only six pages, included giving away an iPhone for children and putting GPS trackers to teachers to check if they all come to class. He also wanted to give away a much-disputed land to Belize, according to Reuters.

“As President, I received a mandate, and the mandate of the people of Guatemala is to fight against the corruption that is consuming us. God bless and thank you,” Morales said in the same Time report.

In an interview published by Reuters, one voter said, “We were tired of the same faces of people who get rich off our money. He knows that if he does something corrupt, all of Guatemala will be demanding that he resign.”

Voters, who said they were tired of the present system, expressed the need for change by giving Morales the victory with over 72% of the votes going to him.

Morales’ rival, Torres, earlier admitted her defeat as the votes for Morales started to pour in.

He is now facing another challenge as his National Convergence Front (CFN) only occupies 11 out of the 158 seats in the Congress.

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