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‘The Man In The High Castle’ Cast Hints At Multiple Realities For Season 2

‘The Man In The High Castle’ Cast Hints At Multiple Realities For Season 2
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‘The Man In The High Castle’ Cast Hints At Multiple Realities For Season 2

During the San Diego Comic-Con, the cast of The Man in the High Castle revealed a few hints as to what will happen in the second season of the Amazon series.

Perhaps the most important confirmation involves the Man himself. The cast has finally confirmed that viewers will get to meet the titular Man in the High Castle, the person responsible for the creation of the mysterious film reels the Nazis are so keen to get.

The announcement is an important one. After all, even though the series is based on Philip K. Dick’s novel, the show is not a faithful adaptation. In fact, producer Isa Dick Hackett said, “The series doesn’t follow the same narrative progression as the book and it’s sort of jumped around,” as quoted by IGN.

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In an interview with EW, the cast revealed a few information regarding the future of their characters. Rupert Evans hinted that his character Frank Frink will spend most of his time running around in season 2. Alexa Davalos, who plays the main character, was more than hesitant to reveal what is about to happen to Juliana.

But perhaps the most intriguing answer came from Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, who plays Tagomi, Trade Minister of the Pacific States of America.

When Shirley Li asked Tagawa about Tagomi’s mysterious journey to the alternative reality, Tagawa answered, “I think everybody has an alternate reality. It’s just a matter whether they question enough…” This, before hinting that Tagomi’s journey within that world would take him to another world.

Does this mean that The Man in the High Castle will soon introduce viewers to multiple realities, and that we get to watch the characters journey through them? We’ll find out once Amazon releases the episodes. Unfortunately, no release date has been mentioned. We can, however, watch the teaser below.

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