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The Line is Getting Longer as Apple’s Event gets Nearer

The Line is Getting Longer as Apple’s Event gets Nearer


The Line is Getting Longer as Apple’s Event gets Nearer

The Line is Getting Longer as Apple's Event gets NearerApple’s big event is still almost a week away but there is already a line forming in front of Apple’s Store in New York City!

Though we’re still not a hundred per cent positive just what Apple will announce on the said date, it appears that it’s not an issue with those lining up, complete with camping gear and stocks, hoping to be the first ones to get their hands on the iPhone 6 or anything that Apple will unleash during its affair on September 9. It has become a tradition with Apple fans to create this well-known line not only in NYC but in almost every Apple store around the globe.

Assuming that Apple does announce its highly-coveted iPhone 6 on the 9th, it may take weeks before the first batch of the premier handsets to get to the stores and be sold to Apple’s adoring fans. So, all in all, we’re looking at a wait of at least two whole weeks before the first one in line gets a hold of the precious merchandise.

But no one is complaining though and judging from previous Apple events, people are actually enjoying themselves lining up for the big announcement and subsequent purchase of Apple’s iconic iDevice. Some resourceful individuals are also making money out of this tradition as they offer their services to those who do not want to line up but instead would hire someone to line up for them. Not only individuals but even a company, S.O.L.D. (Same Ole Line Dudes) owned by Robert Samuel says that they already have orders for at least 6 iPhone 6 and the inquiries keep coming in despite the uncertain status of the Cupertino firm’s plans for their event.

Murmurings of 4.7-inch iPhone has been making the rounds these past months and not only that, there is also a rumor that Apple will announce not just a single iPhone 6 but two flagship iPhones and that the other iPhone will sport a much bigger 5.5-inch screen.

It seems that Apple has finally given in to the clamor for a larger-screened device from its fans and as the day come closer and line grows longer, we’ll be waiting to congratulate the first ones who braved the lines to buy Apple’s well-loved iPhone!


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