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‘The Hunger Games’ Set to Launch Its Mobile Game Version

‘The Hunger Games’ Set to Launch Its Mobile Game Version


‘The Hunger Games’ Set to Launch Its Mobile Game Version

‘The Hunger Games’ Set to Launch Its Mobile Game VersionThe phenomenal and blockbuster movie ‘The Hunger Games’ will soon be on mobile as a game. This surely comes as good news to all the fanatics out there who want to experience being in the plot of the movie through a mobile game.

This announcement was made by Kabam, an interactive entertainment company based in San Francisco, California. The firm recently said that it had entered into an agreement with film outfit Lionsgate to take the hit movie into tablet PCs and smartphones as a mobile game.

Kabam’s specialty is creation and launch of mobile games that are actually free-to-play. It aims to bring revenue through the tactics made available like digital advertisements and hawking of virtual abilities and goods.

The mobile game maker 

In a statement, Kabam COO Kent Wakeford praised Lionsgate for maintaining an unparalleled track record for development and production of blockbuster motion picture franchises, including ‘The Hunger Games.’ He said that a partnership with the movie company will enable it to develop a new mobile game that will surely be as much fun to play just like the movie is fun to watch.

He revealed that Kabam aims to make the game include popular casting players in special roles as District members that are about to form alliances and at the same time free their selves just like in the story of the movie. ‘The Hunger Games’ was lifted from a novel of the same title.

Kabam plans to develop the game in its studio in China. That was also the site for the development of the mobile game it previously created for another movie. ‘The Hobbit.’

‘The Hunger Games’

To date, there are already two ‘Hunger Games’ movies that have made waves worldwide. The first two installments of the film franchise, starring Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence, has already grossed over $1.5 billion at the worldwide box office.

If schedules will be observed, the next installment of the movie will be released in November. Many enthusiasts hope that the mobile game version will be out by that time.

For its part, Lionsgate said it is pleased to work with Kabam on this endeavor. It added that the special mobile game will give fans the extraordinary experience to finally experience ‘The Hunger Games.’ It asserted that playing the game will make fans feel as if they really are there in the middle of the action. 

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