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‘The Flash’ Season 3 Spoilers: Jesse May Return As ‘Flash 2’

‘The Flash’ Season 3 Spoilers: Jesse May Return As ‘Flash 2’
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‘The Flash’ Season 3 Spoilers: Jesse May Return As ‘Flash 2’

Jesse Quick, the daughter of the “Earth 2” Harrison Wells, is following her father back in “The Flash” season 3! Will she be a speedster too?

Even though Jesse Quick, along with Wally West, got struck by lightning, during the revamped particle accelerator experiment in season 2, none of them were bestowed with any superpowers, right away.

The audience waited in vain and eventually Jesse packed up her bags and went back to Earth 2 with her father.

‘The Flash’ Season 3 News

After it was confirmed that Tom Cavanaugh, who plays Harrison Wells on the show, will be back for “The Flash” season 3, it has recently been reported that Violett Beane, who plays Jesse, will be back too! Will we finally get to see her don a superhero costume?

“When Jesse got hit, I was like ‘It’s happening! It’s happening! There was the spark when she got out of the coma, but… it didn’t happen, and I was like, ‘No!’ I’m very excited [to play a speedster], and would love for it to happen early next season,” said Beane in an interview with TVLine.

Flashpoint on “The Flash”

Predicting what or who she will be when she comes back in the next season is more difficult than it seems. According to Cartermatt, the entire plot of “The Flash” will most likely revolve around the “Flashpoint”, an event that was initiated in the finale of the previous season.

Barry goes back in time to save his mother from killed by the Reverse-Flash, hence creating an alternate timeline in the process, where nothing is the same anymore. Hence, it is more than likely that Jesse’s character have a changed past or background too. It’s still to be seen if she ends up a speedster like Barry or not.

“With the whole Flashpoint, anything can happen, right? It’s literally open to any different kind of false reality,” Beane noted. “She could be Earth-One Jesse, she could be a speedster…. Who knows!”

“The Flash” season 3 premieres on 4th October only on CW.

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