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‘The Flash’ Season 2, Episode 21 Spoilers! Barry Allen Dead?

‘The Flash’ Season 2, Episode 21 Spoilers! Barry Allen Dead?
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‘The Flash’ Season 2, Episode 21 Spoilers! Barry Allen Dead?

With the unsuccessful attempt of Harrison Wells, portrayed by Tom Cavanagh, to recreate the particle acceleration explosion responsible for his power, is Barry Allen already bidding farewell to “The Flash” season 2?

A number of fans might have been thinking that now, if spoilers suggest that Grant Gustin’s character will totally leave the show.

According to International Business Times, it sounds impossible for him to be out of the show, considering that he gives life to the main character of the superhero TV series. Therefore, episode 21 is expected to provide an update on where the speedy hero has gone to after the failed experiment.

Based on the teaser trailer of “The Flash” season 2’s 21st episode, spoilers would point to the fact that chaos is about to happen in Central City because of Zoom’s (Teddy Sears) announcement that the red-and-yellow-clad superhero is no longer powerful.

Thus, all the meta-humans out hiding would be roaming freely around the city once again to release their utmost evilness and bring fear among humans.

Based on the synopsis for the upcoming episode, “the villain Grinder (Greg Finley) will return to recreate his previous rampage.” And considering the absence of the extremely fast-moving superhero, there is a huge chance that he would be successful with his plans, unless the team would be victorious in stopping him and the rest of the bad guys.

Meanwhile, the IBT’s “The Flash” season 2 episode 21 spoilers further claim that Barry would wake up in a world synonymous to his own, with several loved ones surrounding him. Apparently, they would be talking to him “on behalf of an unknown afterlife-style entity.”

While the site appeared to be sure that Flash is still alive, could it also be possible that he is out of the show already to give way for a new Flash?

With the introduction of Wally West, known as the “Kid Flash,” could it be a hint for the arrival of a new title role-holder for series’ second season?

Screen Rant theorized that with the absence of Barry, Wally “may get his shot” in “The Flash” season 2.

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