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‘The Conjuring 2’ News: Dead Man’s Body Missing After Dying Inside Cinema

‘The Conjuring 2’ News: Dead Man’s Body Missing After Dying Inside Cinema
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‘The Conjuring 2’ News: Dead Man’s Body Missing After Dying Inside Cinema

A 65-year-old unidentified man in India died while watching “The Conjuring 2” on Thursday night.

The movie’s predecessor, the 2013 hit supernatural horror flick “The Conjuring” by James Wan, was described by many moviegoers as totally terrifying, with many of them still rehashing the horrifying scenes in their minds for days to come.

This effect of the first movie written by Chad Hayes and Carey Hayes must have been felt by the man from India. Sadly, he did not have days to think about what he saw, because he reportedly immediately died from terror.

Accompanied by another person, the victim reportedly complained of chest pains when the “The Conjuring 2” reached its climax, the police revealed.

According to Times of India, the victim and his companion watched “The Conjuring 2” in Sri Balasubramaniar Cinemas in Tiruvannamalai Town.

When the man informed his companion of how he felt and fainted, he was rushed to the Old Government Hospital. However, he was declared dead on arrival.

The paramedical staff in the hospital then reportedly ordered his companion to bring him to the Tiruvannamalai Government Medical College Hospital for the post-mortem.

However, it was learned that the victim and the one who assisted him were gone. The identities of both are still being established. Did something paranormal happen?

In the meantime, Forbes disclosed that “The Conjuring 2” also suffered a heart attack-like experience when it comes to its box office performance over the weekend.

Accordingly, the horror movie sequel experienced a “pretty brutal weekend” as it only recorded $15.5 million total earning during the second week of its run, showing a drop of 62 percent.

“Now that’s a little harsher than expected, even with the competition, but we’re still talking about a $40m sequel that has already earned $71m in ten days with a robust overseas business,” the report said.

Amid this, Forbes noted that the 62 percent decrease in earnings by “The Conjuring 2” is “sadly normal” for a horror flick and it predicted that “it was never going to be as leggy as the first film.”

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