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‘The Blacklist’ Season 3 Finale: Is Elizabeth Keen Alive? Who’s Dying Next?

‘The Blacklist’ Season 3 Finale: Is Elizabeth Keen Alive? Who’s Dying Next?
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‘The Blacklist’ Season 3 Finale: Is Elizabeth Keen Alive? Who’s Dying Next?

“The Blacklist” season 3 finale might evolve around the death of another character, as betrayal would plague Red.

According to Movie News Guide, fans have been speculating that Elizabeth Keen could really be alive and that her death is only a cover up for a “bigger threat” that is bound to happen to the series’ protagonists. Still, other spoilers and rumors point the other way, Liz is death and the suspect behind her death will soon be unveiled.

Reymond Reddington and the FBI is suspicious of Alexander Kirk, a notorious criminal and believes he can be the main suspect of Liz’s death, as shared by Susan Hargrave.

Having such scenario for “The Blacklist” season 3 finale, it was dished that Red then created a plan and devised a strategy that would help them capture the supposed criminal.

In as much as he wanted to immediately see results of his plan, he would be considering every potential tactic, and that would include taking in Halcyon Aegis, despite FBI’s objections.

Apart from this exciting chase of Liz’s killer, the upcoming penultimate episode would also see the death of the main characters, the report claimed.

Accordingly, the lead characters would be killed off “one by one to pave way to new lead roles” who would be part of “The Blacklist” season 3 spinoff. These new lead characters would be Tom Keen and Susan Hargrave.

The report added that should Susan become an antagonist, and Tom would eventually join forces with her, the latter reportedly would be betraying Red and the FBI.

When it comes to the one who would betray Red, it was surmised that Mr. Kaplan would be that someone because of his desire to cover ups Liz’s death.

In the meantime, Celeb Dirty Laundry claimed that there is a possibility that Liz was given a drug that slowed down her pulse rate while giving birth to her daughter. These speculations can help “The Blacklist” season 3 finale fans accept that she indeed died.

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