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The Best-Selling Book on Amazon Is Blank

The Best-Selling Book on Amazon Is Blank
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The Best-Selling Book on Amazon Is Blank

Today, the best-selling book on Amazon will probably take under a minute to read despite being 266 pages long. That’s because one author believes that if you have nothing nice to say, it’s better not to say (or write) it at all.

Read this 266-page book in 15 seconds or less

Michael Knowles is a man who is anything but approving of Democrats. This is exactly why he went on to write a book that some say would only take 15 seconds to go over. The title is Reasons to Vote for Democrats: A Comprehensive Guide. The reason why it only takes seconds to read is not that it doesn’t really have much written on it. There’s the table of contents and both front and back covers.

Exhaustive, But Blank

According to its page on Amazon, the book is perhaps “the most exhaustively researched and coherently argued Democrat Party apologia to date.” Sure, it covers everything in a way. The book has chapters on economics, foreign policy, civil rights, education, homeland security, energy, jobs, crime, immigration, and values. However, each chapter is starkly blank. Nevertheless, it does offer a very extensive bibliography list.

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According to a report from Fox News, Knowles had a good reason to keep all the pages blank. During an interview on the show Fox and Friends, the author explained that he had been observing the Democratic Party for the past 10 years and tried to find reasons to vote for them. “I realized it was probably best to just leave all the pages blank.”

Knowles said his “exhaustive study” on the Democrats started at the 2012 Democratic National Convention. At the time, the party was deciding whether to include God in its party platform. “And the Democrats booed God. That’s not good,” he remarked. Knowles’ book is currently ranked a number one Best Seller on Amazon. There is a paperback version that sells for $5.99.

Knowles is an actor who received a bachelor of arts degree in Yale University with honors. He has appeared in a number of films, theater and television shows to date. He has also appeared in a number of commercials.

On the other hand, the Democrats seem to have answered Knowles’ blank insult in the form of another book. Author David King has written the book Why Trump Deserves Trust, Respect & Admiration. A note about it reads, “This book is full of blank pages. Despite years of research, we could not find anything to say on this subject, so please feel free to use this book for notes.” The book sells for $5.91.

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