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‘The Batman’ Movie Plot Spoilers Leak: Superman Cameo, Catwoman Romance And More

‘The Batman’ Movie Plot Spoilers Leak: Superman Cameo, Catwoman Romance And More
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‘The Batman’ Movie Plot Spoilers Leak: Superman Cameo, Catwoman Romance And More

Warner Bros. upcoming DC film “The Batman” is currently at its early stages of development. However, recent speculations suggest Ben Affleck and Geoff John might have nearly completed the script for the movie.

Since Ben Affleck revealed the Deathstroke clip on twitter, it has been confirmed that the mercenary will be the main villain in his movie. But several posts on 4chan and Reddit are claiming to have leaked potential spoiler information on The Batman.

UPDATE: The post from Reddit (Batman Rumors) has been removed by the moderator of the forum for containing potential spoilers of The Batman movie (2018).

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While it currently remains unconfirmed, the 4Chan post alleged that The Batman movie will be releasing on October 5th, 2018. Recently, a new post on reddit contained potential spoiler of The Batman plot and other rumors as well.

The source suggested that The Batman movie would cast Superman played by Henry Cavill as a cameo and Amanda Waller played by Viola Davis as well. Furthermore, he also said Catwoman would be romatically involved with Bruce Wayne and would bare Batman’s child in the movie.

The post contained other information suggesting verbal references of The League of Assassins, Ra’s al Ghul and others.  Currently, most of the fans believe the post contains falsified information. Furthermore, no credible insider have confirmed or commented on the leak yet.

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In the past, previous leaks posted on Reddit and 4Chan have been debunked. Unfortunately, the information posted by the user is likely to be false. However, the user claims his source works at Warner Bros. and has previously revealed to him about the death of Superman as well as Diablo.

Recently another post claiming to be a leak on DC films plan has gained traction among Reddit users. The user suggests that few of his leaks from the post will be confirmed on September 2nd (Friday). Check it out below.

Earlier on Wednesday, A 4chan also claimed that Warner Bros. would revealed its sequel news on Sucide Squad on September 2nd as well.

"Leak" over at DCEULeaks. A lot of it seems very believable but take it with a grain of salt obviously from DC_Cinematic

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