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‘The Bachelorette Australia’: 14 Suitors Revealed, Show Premiere Date

‘The Bachelorette Australia’: 14 Suitors Revealed, Show Premiere Date
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‘The Bachelorette Australia’: 14 Suitors Revealed, Show Premiere Date

In this report, we will know who are the 14 men who will vie for the heart of coveted lady in the the first-ever “The Bachelorette Australia.”

In this report about The Bachelorette Australia, we will know who are the 14 men who will vie for the heart of coveted lady in the the first-ever “The Bachelorette Australia.”

With just five women left, “The Bachelor Australia” show is nearing its climax. However, the Australian fans will be served with a new platter of excitement and entertainment with “The Bachelorette Australia” keeping the legacy on. The show, that premiers on September 23 has its set of 14 suitors released in the media.

Before moving to the bachelors in the show, let’s meet the first Bachelorette of Australia. It’s Sam Frost from the last “The Bachelor” Australia season. If you have followed the season, you would know that she was the front runner among the 30 ladies. The season finale became so dramatic as Blake Garvey proposed and then took his offer back for being with runner-up, Louise Pillidge.

This time the story is completely different as Sam Frost takes center stage in being admired by 14 men. According to executive producer Stephen Tate, more than one person will fall in love with the girl within the first episode. As he puts it, “She honestly had them all in the palm of her hand.”

While talking about her life, Sam said in an interview published on The Sydney Morning Herald, “My family and friends were like, ‘You’ve already gone through the worst of it. Sure it can’t be that bad again! And you’re going to kill it.” she added, “It was an interesting and surreal experience, having 14 gorgeous men wanting to date you.”

So here, revelead, are the 14 men in “The Bachelorette Australia”:

Alex, 35, financial consultant, NSW

Dave B, 30, plumber, NSW

Davey, 25, carpenter, NSW

David, 31, international model, VIC

Drew, 31, sleep technician, QLD

Kayne, 25, mining electrician, WA

Kieren, 28, exercise psychologist, VIC

Luke, 28, marketing manager, NSW

Michael, 34, professional football player, QLD

Richie, 30, professional abseiler, WA

Sasha, 30, construction manager, NSW

Shane, 27, charity ambassador, QLD

Tony, 32, airline cabin manager, QLD

Will, 31, musician, WA

The male suitors of  “The Bachelorette” Australia contest will live in the Hunters Hill waterside mansion. While describing her male suitors, Sam Frost said, “Sometimes before the cocktail parties, I’d be getting ready and I’d listen in. They’d be playing music, they’d be laughing and joking, they had this bro-ey bestie type-thing going on. I loved it.”
Alex, a financial consultant from NSW said, “She’s got a really positive energy, is incredibly attractive and also really bubbly.” Queenslander Drew, a 31-year old sleep technician proclaimed, “Spending more time with her it clicked that this is real. This is somebody that has a lot of the qualities that I want to find in a woman.”

For While Will, a 31-year-old musician from WA, “I entered The Bachelorette because it was either the show, or stay at home being single and lonely. Being thrown into a pit with a bunch of other dudes fighting over the last woman on earth seemed like a good idea.”

It seems that the guys are more than excited to spend time with the cute Sam Frost in The Bachelorette Australia. We will keep you updated about the news and gossips from the show as it commence.

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