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Thanksgiving 2016 Tragedy: 8 Die Over Holiday Weekend In Chicago

Thanksgiving 2016 Tragedy: 8 Die Over Holiday Weekend In Chicago
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Thanksgiving 2016 Tragedy: 8 Die Over Holiday Weekend In Chicago

When one is sitting next to loved ones and enjoying mouthfuls of turkey, it is hard to believe that anything can go wrong. But amidst the festivities, the Chicago Police Department reported eight murders and 68 wounded over the Thanksgiving 2016 weekend.

Wounded victims showed an unprecedented spike on Thanksgiving 2016, when compared to the same time last year. Almost all of the cases were the result of gun violence.

Thanksgiving 2016 Tragedy: Brief Summary Of The Homicides

  • At 12:30 a.m. on Friday, the patrolling police officers heard a gun go off at Homan Square and rushed to the scene of crime. Cleotha Mitchell, 37, had fatally shot Jeffery Banks, 35. The officers gunned down Mitchell, who accidentally shot another person in the arm. Although the third person was stabilized, both Mitchell and Banks were pronounced dead.

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  • After an hour and a half, 24-year-old Thomas Smith was shot in the abdomen after being robbed by two suspects. He died of puncture wounds a couple of hours later, reported CBS News.
  • A teenager named Diego Alvarado was shot in the arms, back and groin on Friday evening in the Back of the Yards neighborhood. The motive behind the shooting is still undetermined.
  • An attempt at mass killing was made on Saturday around 2:15 a.m. when two gunmen opened fire outside a house party in the South Chicago neighborhood. 5 people were wounded in the shooting and a 20-year-old man was killed.
  • A fight broke out between two individuals in the Woodlawn neighborhood around 3:38 p.m. on Saturday. One of the men was shot in the head by the second man, according to witness statements.
  • Erik Peoples, 30, was sitting inside a parked car with a companion, aged 31 at Homan Square neighborhood. 2 hooded men in a silver vehicle stopped in front of them, got out and began shooting at Peoples’ vehicle. Peoples was shot in the head and chest and pronounced dead at the scene. His companion was wounded and rushed to the hospital.

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  • Rickey King, 37, was shot in the head at the East Garfield Park neighborhood on Sunday. The perpetrator shot at a group of people which included King, from across a street, and then fled on foot.
  • Delvon Weston, 18, was sitting in a parked vehicle, when a dark-colored SUV pulled up in front of them. He was shot in the chest and the suspect fled the scene.
  • Chicago police officers answered a call of domestic battery at 11:30 p.m. on Sunday. A man fatally shot and wounded a 24-year-old pregnant woman in the abdomen at the West Garfield Park neighborhood. He fled from the scene with the officers in pursuit. He fired at the policemen, who returned fired at the man, killing him on the spot. The woman was admitted in the hospital and is in a critical state.

Officers from both the West Garfield Park case and the Homan Square case are under investigation for excessive use of gun violence, as reported by the Chicago Tribune.

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