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Texting while Walking Affects Body Balance and Posture, According to Research

Texting while Walking Affects Body Balance and Posture, According to Research


Texting while Walking Affects Body Balance and Posture, According to Research

Texting while Walking Affects Body BalanceAre you one of those people who tend to read or send SMS while walking? You might be in great danger. Moreover, you might also incur bad body balance and posture. Of course, on top of these, doing so would also impede your judgment.

According to findings of a recently released study by the University of Queensland, texting while walking could pose unlikely effects to one’s balance, posture, and ability to walk safely in a straight line. The findings are quite logical and unsurprising but the data gave more explanation.

The study was aimed at drawing attention about the simple tasks that we usually perform: handling the mobile phone while driving and texting while walking. In both cases, greater and fatal risks are logically involved.

Texting while walking

The study found that reading and typing texts while walking often results to sidewalk traffic jam. It found that 35% or nine out of 26 research participants admit to having experienced unlikely texting incidents like trips, falls, and collisions with other individuals or objects. In other words, distracted pedestrians can be considered as magnets for minor and even major accidents on the road.

Now, the university researchers are adding to our knowledge about the popular multi-tasking activity. The study found that texting while walking could damage posture. At the same time, the activity could throw off one’s balance and result to more serious incidences like possible car crashes.

Cognitive priority

The study underlined that while using the cell phone while walking towards a destination, the brain tends to put more of its cognitive focus on what he is texting or reading rather than on what is happening in the front or ahead. The brain gets unnecessarily occupied. Thus, the legs tend to move more slowly, resulting to shorter strides. The arms as well as elbows become locked into the body, which forces greater hand movements along with decreased stability.

The same research also aims to refute usual claims by some people that they can easily prioritize walking safely over using their mobile handsets at the same time. Researchers point out that reading SMS and texting are cognitive tasks that are logically prioritized by the brain more when being conducted along with physical tasks like walking. Thus, combining both activities at a time would compromise balance and stability of the human body aside from one’s overall safety.

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