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Texas ‘Vampire’ Slayer Put To Death

Texas ‘Vampire’ Slayer Put To Death
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Texas ‘Vampire’ Slayer Put To Death

A man who was given a life sentence for killing a teenage boy whom he believe was a vampire was put to death in Texas Wednesday.

A man who was given a life sentence for killing a teenage boy he believed was a vampire was put to death in Texas on Wednesday.

Pablo Lucio Vasquez, a 38-year-old man from Texas, confessed to killing David Cardenas, a 12-year-old boy, after he allegedly received an order from the devil, the USA Today reported. Vasquez confessed to smashing the boy’s head using a pipe, then slitting his throat 18 years ago.

After killing Cardenas in April 18, 1998, it was found that Vasquez even attempted to cut off the boy’s head, but his attempts proved futile. He instead mutilated and scalped the boy’s body, then buried it in a shallow grave in Donna, Texas. It was reported that it took five days before Texas police recovered Cardenas’ decaying body.

During Vasquez’s execution on Wednesday, his victim’s family was there to witness the event. As part of an official protocol before execution, the warden asked if Vasquez had a final statement, to which he said he was sorry for what he has done.

“This is the only way that I can be forgiven. You got your justice right here. See you on the other side,” Vasquez was quoted as saying by USA Today.

The Cardenas family witnessed the whole event while the pentobarbital was kicking off. Vasquez was declared dead at exactly 6:35 p.m, 24 minutes after the deadly poison was injected into his body.

According to a separate report from the Associated Press via the Yahoo News, Vasquez was 20 years old when he and cousin Andres Rafael Chapa attended a party in Donna. Cardenas was Chapa’s friend who was staying for the weekend at the latter’s house.

Court records show that Vasquez began hearing voices when they left the party, apparently telling him to kill Cardenas. Vasquez’s lawyers failed to prove that their client was indeed mentally ill during the murder, as Chapa said Vasquez was drunk and high when he killed Vasquez.

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