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Texas Cop Receives Big Hug From 3-Year-Old Boy, Clip Becomes Viral

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Texas Cop Receives Big Hug From 3-Year-Old Boy, Clip Becomes Viral

Isn’t that sweet? Recently, a Texas cop got an adorable surprise when a three-year-old suddenly gave him one of the warmest hugs. It was so sincere and cute that today, the little boy’s hug has gone viral.

Forth Worth police officer Anthony Colter was eating at a McDonald’s restaurant when he met the affectionate three-year-old. Enjoying his break, he soon realized that he caught the attention of young TJ Hubbard.

TJ’s mother, Jamie, took her son to the McDonald’s to celebrate her birthday. As they did, TJ couldn’t help but notice Colter. Shyly, the little boy made his way to him. As he got to his table, Jamie told Colter, “He wanted to give you a hug.”

So young TJ proceeded to wrap his tiny arms around Colter as much as he could. The crowd around them couldn’t help but let out a few “awws” at the two. Afterwards, TJ dutifully made his way back to Jamie.

It just so happens that TJ has been in awe of Colter since the officer arrived at McDonald’s. That was because he showed up on a police motorcycle, and TJ has always been fascinated by such. According to a report from ABC 11, they joked about letting TJ on Colter’s motorcycle. However, Officer Colter said that his boss would probably not like that.

Ever since Forth Worth Police Department posted TJ and Colter’s video, the clip has already been viewed 890,000 times.

Officer gives TJ a special police sticker.

Instead of letting him ride the motorcycle, Colter decided to give TJ a special sticker, one with a police badge on it. “I gave him a sticker and told him ‘You’re my helper today, so you’ve got my back for the day,'” Colter said on Fox and Friends.

Meanwhile, TJ’s mom is glad that her son got to be friends with Colter. “It makes me feel great. These kids can sense when someone is good, nice and friendly,” she said. It is unclear if TJ and Colter are planning to meet up again. But when they do, you can be sure that it will involve another adorable hug or two.

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